How do you add volume to fine hair?

Do you want to add volume to your fine hair? This guide will provide you with all the options.

A woman with black curly hair

Do you want to add volume to your fine hair? This guide will provide you with all the options.

Anybody who has fine and thin hair understands the problem and the desire for more volume and an impressive hair style. The world of hair care provides several easy solutions and hair treatments for thin hair that can be applied instantly.


With the help of Omer Asaf, Natural Formula’s chief hair designer, we’ve created this brief guide to help you achieve your goal. You can use any of the solutions we suggest for fine and thin hair, or combine them according to your personal preference – e.g. blow dry your hair and complete the process with hairspray.


Boost volume: blow dry or flip upside down and tease


Many women with fine and thinning hair are afraid to comb it because they fear that combing it will reduce what little volume they have. And they’re right. The solution is to comb hair toward the roots, or in other words, tease it. But be sure to use a comb and not a brush.


Another solution is to dry hair using a diffuser, flipping your hair and drying it upside down, from roots to tips. With this option, you’ll also be focusing on your roots, so that when you flip it, you’ll have created an effect that gives your hair more volume.


Volumizing Mousse


Make your hair look fuller: Volumizing Mousse
When hair is fine and thin, it looks flat and unflattering. Using mousse can solve the problem by adding volume without weighing hair down. Choose a mousse that contains high-quality, natural plant-based ingredients such as sunflower, peach, jojoba and silk protein that nourish and repair hair while boosting volume. This new generation of mousse doesn’t make hair stiff or crunchy, and leaves hair looking healthy.


How do you use it? Apply volumizing mousse on damp hair, especially on roots. Dry hair with a diffuser after flipping hair with your head down.





Volume Styling Spray


Keep hair looking full: Volume Styling Spray
After creating volume, either with a diffuser or by teasing hair, you’ll want to make sure that your hair stays in place all day with volumizing spray that adds volume to natural looking waves. Even if you don’t like the way mousse feels, you can still enjoy the feeling of a full-of-volume hairstyle, thanks to hairspray. Hairspray adds the illusion of volume to fine and thin hair, and it helps every hairstyle last throughout the day. In addition, it’s enriched with natural extracts and isn’t sticky. Gentle silicones add radiance, to leave hair shiny and beautiful.


How do you use it? After creating volume, hold can 20-30 cm away from hair and spray. To remove volume, and return hair to its pre-volume state, brush it out.




Dry Shampoo for Thin or Fine Hair


Instantly add volume, without washing hair: Dry Shampoo

When washing your hair isn’t possible, but your scalp is oily and your hair is fine and thin, dry shampoo is an easy and effective solution that doesn’t require water. In fact, all you need to do is spray it on and massage lightly. The dry shampoo will absorb oil and dirt, and cleanse hair in seconds, while boosting volume.

While there are lots of dry shampoos on the market, choose a dry shampoo that will specifically address your needs – that is, dry shampoo for fine and thin hair, that is enriched with jojoba and other ingredients, to add a ton of volume to your hair.


How do you use it? Spray, and massage into hair.