The Benefits of a Keratin Hair Repair Treatment

In recent years, keratin hair repair treatment has gained momentum, becoming one of the hottest hair trends. It’s time to finally understand why.

Woman with long blond straight hair.

In recent years, keratin hair repair treatment has gained momentum, becoming one of the hottest hair trends. It’s time to finally understand why.

If you’ve undergone a hair straightening treatment or a keratin treatment, your hair stylist has most likely told you that you need to start using products that are sodium chloride salt free. And if your hair is also dry, chances are you’ve read or have been told to use hair repair products that contain keratin. If you think that these are good recommendations, but you’re not quite sure what keratin is and how a keratin hair repair treatment can benefit your hair – this article is for you. In fact, it’s for all of us.


Let’s start with the most basic question: what is keratin?


Omer Asaf, Natural Formula’s chief hair stylist:
“Keratin is a protein that is naturally produced by the body, and is found predominantly in hair, skin and nails. Keratin is made up of acids that are connected to additional matter responsible for hair’s strength and radiance.”

Who should use products that contain keratin – is it only for people who straighten or heat style their hair?


“Definitely not. Keratin is great for those who blow dry or straighten their hair, because extreme heat damages and weakens hair. Chemical treatment such as permanent color treatments and even vigorous brushing, can weaken hair and cause split ends.
In addition, because the body’s production of keratin naturally diminishes with age, providing hair with keratin is like giving it an energy boost. It’s a vital addition for healthy hair, making it silky soft – a distinct effect of keratin that coats each strand and penetrates the hair shaft.

How does keratin work?


Hair products that contain a high percentage of pure keratin will help repair hair. Keratin fills the interior part of the hair strand and creates a type of external coating to protect hair against damage such as extreme heat, dryness and lack of moisture.

In addition, keratin makes hair smoother. And if we use keratin-rich products over time, hair will look smoother, shinier and healthier. And the same goes for straightened hair – whether you straighten it using a blow dryer or have a permanent straightening treatment – your hair will look better and last longer. Studies that analyzed the look and texture of hair with and without using hair products that contain a high percentage of pure keratin, found that the more you use products with keratin, the longer your soft and straightened hair will last.


Effect on hair before and after using keratin intens

What does salt have to do with keratin treated hair?


Sodium chloride, also known as salt, is found in many hair care products, but it can be very damaging to hair, destroying hair’s natural keratin coating. When this happens, hair looks dull and lifeless, dry and untamed. That’s why using products that contain a high concentration of pure keratin, can prevent hair’s weakening and breaking, while repairing it and helping it to look healthy, replenished and silky soft.


The keratin used in Natural Formula’s Keratin Intense line, is highly concentrated pure keratin with dual action. Studies show that keratin rebuilds the inner structure of the hair strand and creates a protective coating that smooths hair, ensuring that straightening results last three times longer.


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