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Keratin Intense Ampoules

Pure keratin professional-ampoule kit, intensive and restorative treatment for straightened and keratin-treated hair. Monthly treatment, contains 4 ampoules

A weekly ampoule treatment repairs hair with concentrated active ingredients that target damage caused by hair-straightening treatments and heat-styling tools.

The keratin rebuilds and smooths each strand, prolonging straightening results.

  • Highly-concentrated keratin provides fast and visible results within 3 minutes of treatment – for stronger, softer and more radiant hair.
  • After the weekly treatment – hair straightening results are maintained; hair is soft, supple and revitalized.
  • After one month of treatment – your hair is softer, and more radiant as well as smoother, stronger and more resistant to breakage.


  • Wash hair with Keratin Intense Shampoo and absorb excess water with towel.
  • Open ampoule by breaking tip. Apply evenly on scalp and along hair.
  • Massage thoroughly with fingertips.
  • Let settle for 2-3 minutes and rinse. There is no need to apply conditioner or mask after treatment.

Recommended use: One ampoule per week

Size: 10 ml*4 | 0.34 fl.oz.*4

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